Beach, Bikini and Body Contouring!

SUMMER is on it’s way, which means beach and bikini season is around the corner. Are you ready?
If you are most people who diets and exercises but still have those unwanted fat in some areas in your body such as your back, stomach, inner and outer thighs and even your chin ( yes! even with double chins)… body contouring is a great option for you! Body contouring by Sculpsure is the only FDA approved laser liposis. A permanent fat reduction treatment. It is non-invasive, non- surgical procedure with no down time.. yes!! we mean it when we say NO DOWN TIME!
The best part is, treatments are only 25 minutes… so no need to cancel your whole day just to melt the fat away!
What about results? We know.. you are wondering! Honestly, it’s normal to wonder.. that’s the whole point of getting this treatment, so at the end you get the results you want. As with any treatments, results vary. Most people see best results with multiple treatments, so it is best to contact our office and set up a consultation.
Dr. Chen will answer any questions or concerns you might have with this treatment.
So, Ready to take the next step? Schedule your free consultation to find out if body contouring is right for you. This is your first step in getting that bikini beach body you want and deserve!
Visit our office in Diamond Bar, Ca. Goldome Healthcare and Aesthetics Medicine has been an established medical facility for more than 4 years in the Los Angeles County area. We also serve patients in surrounding counties.
So don’t wait the last minute to get that summer body… Call our office now and set up a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION or just click that button in the home page!

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